Tiles Terracotta Pakistan is the finest clay roof tiles manufacturers in Pakistan Check out our tile options and features included.

Who We Are

Tiles Terracotta Pakistan also called Pak Tiles are well-known for Best Clay Roof Tiles in Pakistan, We are Manufacturer and Supplier of Ceramic Floor Tiles, Red Brick Face Tiles, Traditional Handmade Wall Tiles Design, Khaprail Tiles, Glazed Roof Tiles Shingles Materials, Ceramic Roofing Tiles Materials, Clay Roof Tiles Manufacturing Company in Lahore Punjab Pakistan with factories in Narowal. We are proud to use the very best clay material in the world, processed with the highest production standards. We use best material ground into smaller particles and fired longer at higher temperatures to produce best Roof Tile Products and Home Building Materials.

Tiles Terracotta Pakistan Features


Manufacturing full range of Red Fire Bricks, Gutka Tiles and Terracotta Flooring and Roofing Tiles in Pakistan.


High Quality Clay Floor Roof and Red Brick Wall Tiles Installation Service for Houses Residential and Commercial Buildings in Pakistan.


Built with high quality natural red clay bricks tiles and sustainable materials.


Multiple types and color options available in All Terracotta Tiles Designs and Specifications.

Products & Portfolio

Most Popular House Exterior Color Choices with Clay Tiles

Tiles Terracotta Pakistan
is the
Terracotta Clay Red Bricks Exterior Floor Tiles
Manufacturers in Pakistan

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Installer of Finest Durable Floor Roof and Wall Tiles in Pakistan

Tiles Terracotta Pakistan - A New Brand of Pak Clay Industry

Tiles Terracotta Pakistan is the new brand of Pak Clay Industry also known as Pak Tile Industry. We are manufacturers, suppliers and installers of finest quality Terracotta Roof Floor and Wall Bricks tiles in Pakistan. We have always satisfied our customers with the best long-lasting quality of our Flooring Roofing Materials and Wall Facing Tile Products all over Pakistan. Here we are with the new range of 150+ types of tiles including Bathroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Roof Floor Wall and Mosaic Tiles, Garden Patios and Swimming Pool Tiles which come with the best and trending colors making your bathrooms kitchens living rooms garden patios and entryways the best ever. Here are economical rates and a variety of designs and patterns which help you to find the best for your Homes, Offices or Commercial Buildings. If you are looking for best range and variety this is the best place to check in. We will provide you with the best and durable tiling products in Pakistan. 

Terracotta floor tile repair installation services in all pakistan

Clay Bathroom Tiles in Pakistan

Having a perfect looking bathroom is the new trend. For perfect looking bathrooms there are many accessories but the top most thing, which is necessary is the bathroom floor and wall tiles. Tiles and flooring are very important for the interior of every place. We provide bathroom tiles in different trending shades of colors including White, Gray, Black, Blue, Turquoise, Yellow and Green, which help you to design the best of best. These are available in different types and materials i.e. Non Slip and Wet Room Tiles, Backsplash Countertops and Subway Bathrooms Shower Wall and Floor Tiles. Our durable terracotta ceramic and mosaic tiles add a very better touch to your bathroom. These are also available in Glass Effect, Natural Stone Granite and Marble look as well as Porcelain Wood Look, Glazed and Slate Effect Tiles. Other variety includes Moroccan, Spanish and Moorish Bathroom Tiles. They look very attractive and give your bathroom a very classy look and nice decor. They add a unique touch to the interior of the bathroom.

Glass vanity top and around clay bathroom wall tiles pakistan

Finest Quality Roof Tiles in Pakistan

Balcony Floor Tiles

Luxury Medium and Low Price Options

Available in All Cities of Pakistan

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