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Barrel Mission khaprail Tile 4″

Best Quality Clay Roofing Tiles Materials in Pakistan. Roof Tiles, Manufacturers & Suppliers Clay Floor Tiles, Glazed Roof Tiles Industry, Wall Tiles & Flooring Tiles, Roofing Tiles, Flooring Tiles, Clay Bathroom Flooring Tiles. Welcome to Clay Floor Tiles Industry Pakistan. We are Manufacturers & Suppliers of the Pakistan’s Finest Tiles, Clay Floor Tiles, Glazed Roof Tiles  products and Roofing Tiles. We are proud to produce all Types of Clay Tiles including Bathroom Flooring & Wall Tiles, Kitchen Floor Tiles,Mosaic Wall Tiles, Roofing Tiles, Flooring Tiles and Wall Tiles. TECHNICAL DATA   Standard Specification for Clay Roof Tiles. Dimension inch. 12″ x 6″ [...]