Bathroom Tile Types

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Shower Wall and Floor Tiles

Shower Wall and Floor Tiles For the interior designing of any bathroom shower tiles and floor tiles are very important. They should coincide with each other, as a shower is continuous source of water it should be placed with the tiles resistant to rust and other water problems. Tiles Terracotta Pakistan provides with the best shower walls and floor tiles. They can be specifically used to design the wet rooms and shower area. According to the new bathroom designing the whole [...]

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Toilet Floor Tiles

Toilet Floor Tiles These tiles are basically demanded public areas and shopping centers where the toilets are the only need. They are available in main colors as beige, brown and red shades. With the best quality, they are available at Tiles Terracotta Pakistan. Durability matters a lot in the field of toilet tiles. Tiles Terracotta provides best and durable toilet floor tiles. They can also be matching with the toilet accessories. They are mainly of clay, ceramic or porcelain material. Customers [...]

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Subway Tile Bathrooms

Subway Tile Bathrooms Subway bathrooms is another demand of the modern times. This is gaining trend day by day. As the houses are becoming smarter so the bathrooms are also. They don’t differ much in quality with the other tiles but in size and shape. They have a different technique to apply. Tiles Terracotta Pakistan meeting all the demands of customers is now here with the best range of subway bathroom tiles. These are available in all the trending colors with different [...]

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Non Slip Floor Tiles

Non Slip Floor Tiles This is a unique addition to the world of tiles. Tiles Terracotta Pakistan keeping pace with the modern demands is now providing you with the best tiles so far. They are the non-slip floor tiles. With the best quality and durability, it reduces the risk of slip accidents. These tiles are mainly used in the malls and other public places to provide safety. They can also be used in bathrooms and wet rooms. Non-slip tiles are available [...]

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Backsplash Countertops Tile

Backsplash Countertops Tile These countertops tiles are trending nowadays in both bathrooms and kitchens. they give the interior a classy look. They should be going with the floor and wall tiles. Tiles Terracotta Pakistan provides with the best countertop tiles. They are available in a variety of colors. They are very durable. Due to their increasing trend, they are also available in different designs. The most trending colors are cream, beige, shades of brown and skin. Customers have always appreciated the variety [...]

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Wet Room Flooring Tiles

Wet Room Flooring Tiles Wet rooms are now considered as the major part of the bathrooms. They are gaining trend day by day and people are spending more and more money on maintaining them. In fact, they are easier to maintain. Tiles Terracotta Pakistan provides with the best wet room flooring tiles in shades of brown, beige, blue, gray and white colors. They are very durable and of good quality. They also provide with all the necessary accessories for the wet [...]

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Bathroom Small Wall Tiles

Bathroom Small Wall Tiles In consideration with flooring, the presentation of walls is also very important. The color of the bathroom small wall tiles should be in accordance with the floor. It should be so engaging that it goes with all type of flooring tiles and accessories. Small wall tiles are basically in shades of brown, blue and cream. They are of best material so that they can make the structure durable. Due to any water leakage, the tile quality must not [...]

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Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom Floor Tiles Flooring for a bathroom is very important. The house with a complete posh bathroom is very important. All the accessories are decided according to the flooring. The main colors used for flooring are mainly cream and beige.  They are basically available in shades of brown. Bathroom floor tiles should be durable. Basically, the ceramic bathroom floor tiles are used. Tiles Terracotta Pakistan provides with the best flooring for the bathrooms. Bathrooms with perfect flooring are the center [...]