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Terracotta floor tile repair installation services in all pakistan

Tile Installation Services

Tile Installation Services Tiles Terracotta Pakistan provides the best tiles installation services in Pakistan. These services include fixing of tiles and repair of any damage tiles. Moreover, these services are available for all types of tiles. Due to the best equipment and experienced people, these services are highly availed. As a result Tiles Terracotta Pakistan satisfies its customers. In addition to repair, we also provide fixing and application of tiles. Very cost effective and reliable services are provided. Consequently, along with [...]

Spanish square terracotta tile floor design ideas images in pakistan

Spanish Square Tile

Spanish Square Tile The best variety as rated by customers Spanish Square Tiles are the best, customers can get. The main color available is shades of brown. It has a clay-colored appearance. Moreover, they give a Spanish look. The clay material is of high quality. These are mainly used for flooring and available in the square shape. Due to their excellent material and best variety they are used for flooring in residential and commercial buildings equally. They are very durable and non [...]

3 Red brick bathroom tile flooring design ideas images in pakistan

Red Brick Bathroom Tiles

Red Brick Bathroom Tiles This is set of the best traditional Red Bricks Bathroom Tiles available at Tiles Terracotta Pakistan. The mix of new and ancient brick variety is very trending. Moreover, they are very durable and long lasting. They are made in different shapes. As a result they fit into almost every design. The classic hue adds to the style. Nonetheless, this is the best variety available. The material is very strong and long lasting. In addition to all these, [...]

7 Octagon mosaic floor blue tile design images in pakistan

Octagon Shape Tiles

Octagon Shape Tiles Due to the specific unique shape, these tiles are the customer’s prime choice. Tiles Terracotta Pakistan provides with the best Octagon shape tiles. These mainly coincide with the small square brick tiles in blue white or same color to make very attractive and beautiful pattern for floors. These tiles are available in natural shades of the clay. Therefore, these are used mainly for flooring in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, walkway, entryway, corridors, and everywhere in the homes as [...]

9 Antique red clay bricks flooring hexagon tiles ideas images in pakistan

Large Format Hexagon Tile

Large Format Hexagon Tile This is another variety of large bathroom tiles called Large Format Hexagon Tile. In addition to their large size, they have a unique shape. Consequently, they are highly demanded. Tiles Terracotta Pakistan has the best variety in these tiles. These are very durable and long lasting tiles. The hexagonal shape makes it even better. On affordable rates, they make the best choice for your floors in commercial or residential buildings. The main colors available are shades of traditional [...]

Green eco friendly large bathroom floor tiles design images in pakistan

Large Bathroom Tiles

Large Bathroom Tiles As per the requirements of the customers, this is also a unique variety of tiles. Mainly it is available in brown shades. It has a typical hue and texture. Tiles Terracotta Pakistan has a huge variety of Large Bathroom Tiles. They are a bit huge in size. The normal size is not enough to cover some spaces so these tiles are preferred. Moreover, they are durable and long lasting. They are available in square and rectangle shape mostly. The [...]

Herringbone pattern antique floor tiles designs images in pakistan

Herringbone Pattern Tile

Herringbone Pattern Tile Herringbone Pattern Tile is a traditional type of tiles manufactured by Tiles Terracotta Pakistan. These are mainly used for flooring. Tiles Terracotta Pakistan provides these tiles within the typical natural clay color. The design is according to the pattern. The shape mainly cut is rectangular. It has a specific pattern to apply which makes it more appealing. Moreover, it is of the unique variety. Due to its durability, it is highly demanded by customers. It is also present in [...]

Spanish bathroom tile floor designs materials images in pakistan

12×12 Clay Tile

12 x 12 Clay Tile These are the most popular 12 by 12 inches square clay tiles provided by Tiles Terracotta Pakistan. 12 by 12 clay tiles are mainly used in garden patios and also in flooring with making borders in bathrooms floors, kitchens, living rooms as well. They are available mainly in a traditional natural clay color. Due to their good size, they add elegant look to the floors hence they are mostly demanded by the customers. 12 by 12 clay [...]